About us

Firm history and philosophy

About us

Our firm's philosophy is simple and reflects our core values: to work hard for our clients' interests and always provide the highest possible standard of legal representation available. Over time, our success has been made possible by our clients' continuing faith in us, and we strive every day to earn and maintain that trust.

Sara Riboldi established the office in 2008. With her dual Italian and Canadian legal qualification, she has sought to build an international practice with a unique expertise on conflict of laws issues. While we focus on estate law and handle many cases connected with Italy, we are often called upon by other law firms to provide advice when issues of jurisdiction arise.

Our firm is proud to offer highly specialized legal services to the Italian community in Canada, a community that has historically been poorly served. Our aim is to be a resource to the community where people can find knowledgeable professionals providing high quality advice for their legal problems in Italy, without intermediaries.

When seeking advice in Ontario for a legal problem in Italy, ask your prospective representative for their qualifications in the Italian legal system.