Italian power of attorney preparation


Procura (in the form of special power of attorney or general power of attorney) is a document that appoints another person to act on your behalf. “Procura” is a legal document by means of which a “principal” gives certain powers to act legally on his/her behalf to someone else, the “attorney”.

There are two main types of Procura :

  • Procura Speciale (Special Power of Attorney), in which specific and well described limited powers are given to your attorney/agent. Example of powers to peform given trough a “procura speciale” are : purchasing or selling a house or piece of land, withdrawing funds, carrying out banking transactions, acting as a legal representative in judiciary proceedings, dealing with procedures pertaining to inheritance, inheritance renunciation, etc.
  • Procura Generale (General power of attorney) entitles your proxy to do almost anything you could do. General proxies deal with any transactions being carried out in Italy involving the person being represented, creating a virtual ‘alter ego” of the person being represented. Considering the wide spectrum of activity that a proxy can carry in Italy it is advisable to think carefully before entitling someone to be your general proxy.

Make sure you seek help from a qualified Italian legal professional before drawing up a Procura.