Estate Administration

We can help you with estate administration matters

Estate Administration

After the loss of a family member with asssets in Ontario, we can guide you through the process to determine your entitlement to the estate in accordance with the law applicable to your case. We can help in obtaining a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee with or without a Will from the court, for the recognition of your claim to the estate. Whether you have a succession by law (intestate) or by will (testate), we can assist with the all the legal and tax aspects preliminary to the distribution and finalization of the estate.

We have a special expertise in situations where beneficiaries and/or trustees appointed by wills are resident in other jurisdictions. We deal regularly with obtaining recognition in Ontario of foreign grants of administration (or the comparable documents from civil law jurisdictions). As well, we are specialized in estates with property in multiple jurisdictions. Sara Riboldi is regularly called upon by other law firms to help with multi-jurisdictional estate issues.

If you are a beneficiary, executor or trustee with estate administration issues, contact us for help.