Succession in Italy

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Succession in Italy

Succession, in Italian successione, is the transfer of assets, rights and obligations from a deceased person to his beneficiaries.

Under Italian law, the beneficiaries step directly and immediately into the Estate of the Deceased. Executors are almost unknown in Italy as the succession procedure is very different from the equivalent process under Common Law.

Under Italian Law, the beneficiaries are entitled to the Deceased's Estate (assets), but are also subject to the Deceased`s debts and liabilities. If the debts and liabilities exceed the assets, there is no reason why the beneficiaries should accept this financial burden. A special procedure applies where the situation is uncertain.

Our office can handle the entire process, from gathering the initial support documents necessary to file the application in Italy to having the assets registered in the beneficiaries' names.

The Law Office of Sara Riboldi, with its unique expertise in this field, can navigate through the seemingly overwhelming complexities of Italian law and procedures and make the succession as smooth as possible.

Our office is also the clearly preferred representation for clients with estate issues spanning multiple jurisdictions. Estate administration becomes highly complex when assets, in particular real property, are located in more than one jurisdiction. With our team of Italian-trained lawyers, we can assist you in administering estates in Italy or with estate planning when you have property in both Italian and Canadian jurisdictions.